Side Quests

The Side Quest are optional tasks that can be completed any time during the last mission as most of them have to do with the Odyssey. Use the upload form at the bottom of this page to send me your work.

Odyssey’s Timeline (100 XP)
Create a descriptive timeline with all Odysseus’ stops. You can use a Canva template or any other app that you are familiar with or even construct one with cardboard paper like this one in Greek. Add copyright free images or your own drawings depicting each stop and write a small description of the events occurred in each stop.

Infographic of Odyssey (100 XP)
Create an infographic about Odyssey. You can use Canva or any other app that you are familiar with (MS Word, PowerPoint etc.) or even make one the traditional way with cardboard paper. When you finish, use the “Upload Form” to the right to upload a picture of your work. It should contain the summary of the poem, the setting, the main characters, the themes, the enemies & allies of the hero and the elements of the plot structure. You might want to take into consideration these examples: Example 1 || Example 2 || Example 3

Essay Writings (100 XP)
Write an one page essay discussing one of the following subjects:

– The Odyssey is distinguished for its humanity, as it
a) studies people in depth and width (thoughts and feelings, desires and motives, needs and choices, actions and behaviors), thus offering the reader knowledge about people that results in self-knowledge and
b) emphasizes people who are focused on peaceful works, respect and love fellow human beings, have prosperity and enjoy life.
Identify and comment on excerpts in which the humanitarian character of the Odyssey is highlighted.

– Odysseus is characterized by the poet as wise and resourceful. In which cases are these properties highlighted?

– Which of the heroes/heroines of the Odyssey did you like the most and which ones did you dislike and why?

– Which scene(s) did you like the most and why? Describe the thoughts and feelings that were born in you.

– What is the role of Zeus, Athena, and Poseidon in Odyssey and how is it justified?

– If you were Homer would you change anything in the plot, yes or no and why?

– Why do you think the Odyssey is one of the most beloved and widely read stories in the world? What do you think makes Homer’s epic special?

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