Mission 2 - The Trojan War & Odysseus

Thank you so much for all the information you discovered for me! I always knew that Homer was a great bard but now I am just amazed. He asked us to study about the Trojan war and Odysseus’ role in it. I have so much to study and so many assignments to complete! He says that it’s impossible to remember my Odyssey lines – yes! this is my favorite poem, this is the poem I want to be able to recite one day! –, if I don’t understand the plot! He is right, I have to research about this war and Odysseus role in it! When and why did it start, who were the adversaries, why did Odysseus fight in it?  I don’t know where to start! Please, help me organize all this information and figure out the plot of this story.

Scroll down to see how you can help! 

Help Aristo find the information he needs. Watch the videos (on the side) and visit the resources listed below them.

Once you are done, complete your choice of quests to earn at least 200 XP for this mission and get back to Aristo with the information he needs.

Nearpod Assignments (50 XP) – Trojan war: reality or myth?
Watch the following videos about the Trojan war and the ancient city of Troy and answer the questions in the videos.
“The Trojan war”, History Channel
“Did Ancient Troy Really Exist?”, TEDEd

Group Discussion (50 XP) – Opinion Writing
Follow the link to participate in a discussion about the Trojan War – if it really happened or not – and its protagonists.  Write your opinion on your chosen subject and respond to at least two of  your classmates writing your opinion about their posts.
Be polite, civil and respectful.

Create a presentation (50 XP) – Characterization 
Choose one of the two protagonists of the Trojan War,  Achilles or Agamemnon, and describe his character based on how he is presented in the epic. You may find useful the handout “Character traits/attributes” in the right column of this mission.
⏩ Use Google Slides or PowerPoint.
⏩ Create one title slide containing your name, grade and the character you chose.
⏩ Your presentation should have at least 4 well supported character traits and one picture of the hero.
⏩ Use the upload form below to send me your report.

Construction / Drawing (50 XP) – Trojan Horse or Achilles Shield?
1) The Trojan horse was an important element of the plot and the way the Achaeans won the war over the Trojans. Watch the video below and construct your own Trojan horse!
How to make a Trojan horse || Popsicle sticks (video)
Building a Trojan Horse from Popsicle Sticks (or Craft sticks) (video)
Build your own Trojan Horse
How to make a Trojan Horse model
2) Alternatively, you can draw the Achille’s Shield. Study Book 18, lines 478–608 of Homer’s Iliad in order to create a more accurate drawing. You might also want to have a look at the video The Shield of Achilles — Book 18 and 19 of Homer’s Iliad Discussed and this example.
⏩ When done, use the upload form below to send me a picture of your construction!

Report Writing (100 XP) – Plot Structure / Conflict
– Αpart from the conflict / war between the Achaeans and the Trojans, what other type of conflict exists in Homer’s Iliad?
– Map out the elements of the plot structure in this epic and explain with which of the two protagonists you agree.
Before you start, have a look at the handout about the plot structure and the types of conflict in the right column of this mission.
⏩ Use the upload form below to send me your report.

Upload your work

Τhe map shows where the ancient city of Troy was.