Student Learning guide

The Student Learning Guide below outlines the learning outcomes for each major product of this PBL unit. It includes information on how to assess each learning outcome and how to offer instruction to help students accomplish each activity. Immediately after that you can see some ideas for differentiating instruction and making it accessible to all learners.

Other forms of the document below: Google Sheets Webpage / Google Sheets

Differentiated Instruction and Accessibility

  • All learning materials are available online through webpages and videos (with closed captioning available), so students can self pace their learning and review as needed.
  • Rubrics are provided for all activities so that students are aware of the expectations before beginning the activity.
  • Conferences will be held each week during the project to address students’ progress, needs, and concerns. Students’ journals will be also checked at that time to determine if students need additional support.
  • Students will have the ability to select the topic they would like to develop their exhibit on (possible choices include Science, Painting & Sculpture, Literature & Theater, Architecture, Government, Sports, Law).
  • Students will work together to design an exhibit based on their own interests and abilities (no other limitations besides the fair exhibit rubric).
  • Classwork assignments can be modified to better address students’ knowledge and needs; the pre-assessment at the beginning of the project can help the teacher decide what needs to be changed.
  • Additional learning materials and instructions will be provided to students according to their needs/ depending on IEP (for example, a list of PBL websites can be provided to the students that have a hard time finding the appropriate material).
  • Extra time will also be provided to students depending on their IEP.
  • When/If necessary, the teacher will consult with a Special Education and/or ESL teacher for better accommodating students’ needs. The teacher might also need to strategically group specific students with peers who will be able to support them throughout the project.