Welcome Teachers!

Thousands of years ago in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean sea a great civilization was born! A civilization whose achievements have rendered the whole human race speechless! A civilization whose discoveries influenced the entire Western world. And this civilization is none other than the Ancient Greek civilization, which arose first on the picturesque islands of the Cyclades, then in Minoan Crete and Mycenaean Greece, before reaching its peek in Classical Athens under the reign of Pericles and spread to the depths of Asia with Alexander the Great. This is the civilization that the students will investigate in this project, with the goal of identifying Ancient Greece’s achievements in governance, law, art, architecture, athletics, literature, and science that affected the whole human kind.

So, the students will research, pose questions, gather information, visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, write down their thoughts, compare and contrast artifacts and then present their findings to their school community at a school fair.

A 4min video about the contributions of the Ancient Greece to Modern societies.

A timeline of Ancient Greece from the Cycladic Civilization to the Golden Age of Athens.