Lesson 2 – The Olympians

Upon completing this lesson you will be able to identify the twelve main gods and goddesses of Greek mythology, their symbols and domains.

As you’ve learned already, Myths were humanity’s earliest attempts to explain the universe! They were traditional stories from ancient cultures explaining natural events, such as violent storms or how mountains came to be or social phenomena. Their main characters were gods, goddesses or supernatural beings with special powers. They were passed down from generation to generation, usually verbally. The word myth derives from the Greek word mythos (Μύθος), which means “word of mouth”.

Myths are part of many cultures in the world and in this lesson you will research and learn about the Greek Myths. Greek mythology is a body of stories concerning the gods, goddesses, heroes, and rituals of the ancient Greeks. A huge part of the Greek Myths are of course the Greek Gods and Goddesses living in Mount Olympus, the “Olympians”.

Use the web pages below and the videos to the left to learn about the Greek gods & goddesses, their domains, their symbols and the myths that surrounded them. Make a copy of this document to keep your notes and guide your research. Remember to share it with your teacher, once you’ve completed your research and all activities on this web page.
1) The 12 Olympian Gods
2) Wikipedia – List of Mythological figures

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A. Now that you have completed your research, let’s see what you really learned!
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B. You can also use the interactive elements below to have fun and learn even more!

Greek Gods in Distress
Escape the Olympians