Lesson 1 – Characteristics of Myths

Upon completing this lesson you will be able to
a) identify the characteristics of Greek Myths,
b) distinguish myths from legends and fables,
c) recall Greek Myths & know the reason of their existence.

Let’s start! Watch the interactive videos below and visit the following webpages to gather information about Myths, their characteristics and their differences from legends and fables.
Click here and make a copy of this document to guide your research.

Websites to visit for information:
Myths, Legends and Fables
Relation of myths to other narrative forms

What are the characteristics of the Greek Myths? Watch carefully the video below and answer its questions to learn.

What’s the difference between Greek Myths, Fables and Legends? Watch carefully the video below to learn.

What did you learn?

Now that you have learned everything you need to know about Myths and their differences from Legends and Fables,
a) use the interactive element below to test your knowledge and
b) utilize your notes and create a PowerPoint presentation to present your findings. Click here for more details on what you need to do and how your work will be evaluated.