EDTECH 542 – Tech-Supp Proj Based Learning

EdTech 542 – Technology Supported Project Based Learning is an online course in which students learn how to construct instructional units using the Project Based Learning (PBL) Model. Throughout the course, students work alone or in teams in order to select and develop a PBL project for their own teaching or training. This is the PBL project I developed during this course; it’s called Ancient Greek Legacy.

Below you can see my Learning Log/Reflective journal for this course. According to the course’s instructions:

In their reflective journals, a student might keep: a to-do list, time line, questions, observations, outline for their group or individual project, list of resources, if appropriate. The reflective journal should reflect the students’ line of inquiry, new questions that arise during the process of investigation, and their thoughts on the project. The reflective journal is designed to help students organize their reflections on the project and the production process, to document students’ work and experience for self-evaluation during and at the end of the project, to provide a place for students to write questions and comments suitable for teacher response, and to help the teacher with assessment by providing additional insight in the students’ experiences. Journal entries can be prompted with specific questions posed by the teacher, loosely guided with topic suggestions, general places for student reflections, or a combination of all three.

Learning Log/Reflective Journal

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