#1 – Reflection Assignment

Knowles' 6 Assumptions for adult learners Summarize the six key assumptions about adult learners as described by Malcolm Knowles and discuss their implications for teaching adult learners online.

EDTECH 511 – Interactive Courseware Dev

I selected EDTECH 511 because I wanted to learn more about the development of interactive content. I have been a website developer for many years and I used this tool very often to create interactive content for my students, so I am very excited to learn more about instructional design this semester!

EDTECH 522 – Online Teaching Adult Learners

I have been teaching Greek online to adults and kids for the last 3 years and I am very excited to start this course as it will help me tremendously with my online classes. EdTech 522 is an online course focuses on the andragogy and best practices that should be used in

EDTECH 602 – Emerging Trends in Educ Tech

During this course we had the opportunity to explore, reflect on and discuss a number of theories and practices related to educational technology. Our readings, explorations and especially our discussions allowed us to see each topic from many different angles. We explored computational thinking which has elevated to a very important skill

EDTECH 563 – Quest-Based Learning Design

In the Summer of 2021 I was lucky enough to start my EDTECH journey with a course in quest-based learning design with Dr. Snelson. It was an amazing course that taught what it was preaching as it was set up as a Quest! According to Deterding et al. (2011) gamification is the use

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