About your Instructor

My name is Georgia Konstantinou and I will be your instructor for this course!

I was born and raised in Athens, Greece. I have been back and forth to the States for more than 20 years. In 2017, we settled in New York with my family (my husband and two kids) for good. I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in History from a Greek University and a Master’s degree in Educational Technology from Iona College, NY.

In Greece, I worked as a history and Greek (ancient and modern) language teacher for more than 20 years in public and private schools. Here in US, I worked as an adjunct instructor for the computer science department of my alma mater for 2.5 years before I had to leave for Greece for the 1st time and currently I am the director of a small Greek language school in New Rochelle, NY and I teach Greek online to both adults and children for the past 3 years. I enjoy website development and graphic design and it is something that I have been doing in my free time since 2002. I have taught children and adults both in person and online and I have also delivered online workshops to my Greek language colleagues on how to integrate technology into their online lessons at the beginning of the pandemic.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact me for any problem or concern.

I am looking forward to working with you in this course and read more about you at the 1st module’s discussion board!

Email: georgia@gkonstantinou.com
Website: www.gkonstantinou.com (Links to an external site.)
Social Media: Twitter