4th-5th Week’s Reflection [6/22 – 7/5]

Assessment Planning These two weeks involved a lot of thinking about how my PBL project should be assessed and what exactly I wanted my students to know at its completion. As a teacher for all my life, I am really used to the process of developing a new unit; and I know that

3rd Week’s Reflection [6/12 – 6/21]

Visual Project Organizer This week brought me one step closer to what a project based learning really is. I formed my project's driving question and sub questions and updated my newly created website (Ancient Greek Legacy) with all this new information and ideas. Although it was easy to create my driving question

2nd Week’s Reflection [6/8 – 6/11]

A PBL Project idea This second week, we started thinking about the PBL project that we'll produce for this course. I would like it to be something useful for my Greek language students. So, it could be either Greek history or Greek language related. Actually, if I could combine a little bit of

1st Week’s Reflection [5/31 – 6/7]

Project Based Learning The first week of this course was very enlightening for me! I learned a little bit about my classmates through an activity that revealed their personality and creativity! We had to create an ad for ourselves. You can see mine below. Through this activity I realized one more time

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